July 8, 2015

Have a happy digi-totalitarian 2015

January 14, 2015


This blog post started off as a hastily scrawled list of New Year’s resolutions. I had two: To hit blog deadlines [FAILED – New Year’s resolutions posted 14 January] and don’t eat kebabs [still active]. It evolved over a series of entries into a broad disapproval of society’s digital addiction. Happy New Year, its 2015, a new […]

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Glasgow’s worst – The ‘Best Kebab’ sent me to rehab

October 23, 2014


Dear Advertising Standards Agency. Yesterday, I purchased a mixed kebab from ‘Best Kebab’ located 58 Dundas Street Glasgow G1 2AQ. The £5.50 mixed kebab was reputed to come with ‘Sarald an Sos’. Sarald was composed of long, raw onions that resembled peeled skin and Sos looked as if it was squeezed from a mould-bloated plague […]

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I’m voting Yes to leave the union – I’ll always wish we had the power to improve it instead

September 16, 2014


I am a Yes voter, I decided so last month. As a reporter, and further, as a concerned voter, I needed time to weigh up the facts, which I naively assumed would appear in the final weeks of the campaign. The Scottish people were completely undeserving of the shit-flinging competition they received instead. Instead, we […]

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My month without a phone [spoiler] wasn’t as bad as you would imagine

July 22, 2014


I have not had a mobile phone this last month. Poverty has had me in its mysteriously sticky grasp and it is unlikely I’ll be unpeeled from the cruel mandible of fate anytime soon. In the space of nine days, both my iPhone 4S and iPhone 3G died for no apparent reason – other than […]

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