The Legend of Rupert Murdoch and Stuff

Posted on July 15, 2011





Generic insult


I hate big “things”. I hate Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Beiber… I hate myself *cries*.

He is the CEO of a “big thing”.

Being a nerd who can’t leave a star wars analogy out of an article that doesn’t need it, he runs an empire and he looks like he should be wearing a black, plastic mask. Enough said. You have to hate the empire.

However now it’s fashionable to hate the empire I feel myself hating the haters. I used to enjoy going on intricate “Murdoch will enslave us all rants”. Now everyone agrees with me, where is the fun in that?

I used to resemble a hobo with a placard saying ” Satan iz comin”. Now I am a practised fortune teller… and I hate it.



So what if News Corp resembles an international media dictatorship. So what?

Do you know just how big News Corp are?

They have large shares in SKY and FOX broadcasting companies. They have a stranglehold on the English speaking worlds’ television sets. They also control the UK’s best selling newspapers (minus News of the World). The Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times.

They control more assets than that, however I don’t understand the implications of it all, I won’t speculate or guess them, I do know their size is only surpassed by Disney. Everyone knows News Corp killed Bambi as an act of vengeance.

Now this “phone hacking” scandal has me bemused. After hours of research I still don’t quite know what it is. Listening to peoples’ voice mail illegal? I fail to see the so-called hacking.

News of the Worlds journalistic practises were not above board, I am so surprised… 


Thank you NOW for stopping


It is good to see the back of that lot, they will be back though, it is not as if the journalists responsible for the malpractices have been shot.

As Jimmy Carr said on Twitter: “The News of the World has closed down. I look forward to reading all about it in next week’s News of the Globe”.

 We have to remain vigilant. Our private details and rights cannot be jeopardised by feudal overlords who seemingly control half the world.

It doesn’t matter whether we hate Murdoch or not, what’s more important is whether he hates us…

And even if he does hate us.

We can always look at fluffy bunnies.


The Bunnies make the pain go away

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