Norway and Libya: Reactionary Acts to Change

Posted on July 26, 2011


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”                      

 -Edmund Burke

The wisdom this quote contains is timeless and knows no geographical boundaries, yet like everything, it can be contorted, twisted and used to justify evil causes. Nothing in life is as transparent as it seems.

Anders Behring Breivik, took action that fateful afternoon in Norway. He believed he was saving mankind, more importantly he aimed to change society. He was obviously incorrect.

He targeted the Labour supporters in response to the EU’s “relaxed immigration” policies. He hit his own nation where it hurt them. The children. He spilled the blood of those, he convinced himself he was saving. The ultimate hypocrisy. Whether or not he intended to partake in modern Europe’s worst massacre is unknown, he did express shock that the police hadn’t arrived earlier.

Ironically, even if Islamic fundamentalist terror cells did attack Norway, it is unlikely they could or would emulate the actions of Breivik.

It appears one can be too devoted to a cause. His motive for the attack is convoluted at best, there is no clear reason for killing so many people. Breivik’s lawyer today declared that his client is most likely insane. Most of the world will agree.



The atrocious execution of innocents in Norway, has everyone shaken, scared and apprehensive. No doubt every individual edged closer to loved ones, all of them thinking: “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

The fact is, the recent news has been hard to stomach, too much pain and death. But these people died for a reason. The best reason of all.

The 92 dead in Norway is testimony to the fact, Europe is different from what it once was, mankind is growing. No longer is the family “down-the-road” with the different skin colour or religion, the enemy.

It is becoming ever transparent who the enemy is…



"My evil plan has come to fruition."


Nah I joke, I really couldn’t resist.

(I would like to point out that people have died over accusations as petty as the one I just made there. It happens.)

Those who control our governments from behind the scenes, making a mockery of democracy are our enemies. People like Murdoch should fear the masses, now he intends to stranglehold our nation.

If Newscorp’s bid for BSkyB succeeded like Murdoch assumed it would, he would control the majority of the UK’s media outlets. He would have the power to decide who wins the next general election. Lets not forget he was invaluable in aiding John Major and the Tories’ election victory in 1990 until, that is, Murdoch decided to sway in favour of Tony Blair’s Labour in 1997.

Also, civil war in Libya continues, more pointless death, orchestrated by a fossil of a man, too blind to see the world-changing around him. The injustice the war brings to light does more than shock us though, it reminds us that if we are all united against oppression, and we can rise above it.

Naturally, this is not the case in Libya. Not everyone is united in supporting the leader’s downfall. Colonel Gaddaffi is both charismatic and intelligent, he wouldn’t have reigned as long if he wasn’t. He has crowds of supporters, people willing to die for him and even worse, people willing to live under his oppression. In time they may see that Gaddaffi is a tyrant, if not their lives may be endangered.

Evil acts happen all the time, yet, we can prosper. These crimes against humanity are reactionary. They are in response to the great change sweeping the world.

The fight for democracy in the Middle East shows that mankind CAN change their society, no matter how determined said society is to cling onto its power.

Mankind need only recognise evil deeds, acknowledge the existence of truly evil people and determine who the true tyrants are.

Once these things happen. We will subconsciously correct such problems by being better people.

And remember, mankind is not evil, there are  6,852,472,823 on this planet (last time I counted). If every person who calls earth home was fundamentally tainted and unable to register anything more morally cohesive than self-preservation. There would be no world and we would have wiped ourselves out long ago. So relax. There are enough decent people out there. The bad times will pass… eventually.

You will not be forgotten