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In a Perfect World…

September 28, 2011


This morning on my commute to college, soaked to the skin, unnaturally cold, enraged, short of breath, short of height… and sweating, a lot: as usual, I wondered, why isn’t life easier? So in response, during a class, under the guise of doing actual work I compiled a list of things I would improve immediately… had […]

Hurricane Katia Approaches

September 11, 2011


Nail down your children, bubble-wrap your pets, don your metal anoraks. Hurricane Katia is coming to town with a vengeance. As a citizen with a hole in the roof directly above my bedroom, I can personally say I hope this storm subsides before it hits us. Otherwise I will have to hit the hay with my […]

Scientology: Corrupted Theology

September 9, 2011


Scientology has two faces, one portrays a worldwide fraternity of faithful followers, devoted to the advancement of mankind, with celebrity endorsement from the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta: the other face is that of a dangerous cult devoted to the fraudulent extortion and or imprisonment of vulnerable individuals. Throughout this article I intend […]


September 6, 2011


  RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: I’m With You   The Red Hot Chili Peppers return with their tenth studio album,“I’m With You”. However,the notable absence of guitarist John Frusciante hinders any triumphant come-back. John Klinghoffer tries to fills the void, and his restrained involvement often boasts interesting flourishes of technical ability, nonetheless, he is no […]