Redundant Soldiers? Liam Fox’s Bright Idea

Posted on September 2, 2011


If you were chosen to force redundancy upon a certain group of people, who would be the worst group to break the news to? Bankers, builders, office workers?

Or soldiers…?

By 2020, Defence Secretary, Liam Fox  has vowed to cut around 1/10 of the British armed forces. At the moment the army consists of around 140,000 active duty personnel, this includes part-time and reserve soldiers. This means that over 12,000 soldiers will be jobless this decade, if Fox’s plans come to fruition.

Here's the punchline: Your fired

Britain has the third largest declared defence budget in the world, after the US and China. Our armed forces are massive in relation to the size of our general population but unlike many nations, we still have many overseas interests. Most notably the Falklands, Gibraltar, and many more islands, leftovers from the imperialist era in which the British had a stranglehold on most of the world.

The sun never sets on the British Empire… or at least it didn’t.

If you find yourself interested just check out the map.

Here is the oversea territories of the British Empire

Who is to blame for the current cuts?

Labour, says Fox:

“The responsibility for these redundancies lies with the incompetence of the last Labour government who left the nation’s finances broken and a £38bn black hole in the defence budget, the tough measures we have taken will bring the budget largely into balance for the first time in a generation.

“Of course redundancies are always sad news, but we will continue to have strong and capable forces and we appreciate the hard work of our brave armed forces.”

He continued: “The extra money we have allocated for the equipment budget from 2015 will allow our defence capability to grow in the second half of the decade.

Well Fox, if you want to tell 12,000 battle-hardened warriors that they will soon have no jobs, be my guest. You are either a braver… or more foolish man than myself.

The process began on Thursday, 930 RAF and 920 army members were  made redundant, of which 750 were compulsorily. A General named Sir Mike Jackson (no joke) said getting resources and commitments into balance would likely be “quite a challenge”.

Dominique-Strauss Kahn: Recently acquitted of sexually assaulting a maid

If I was a soldier fighting for my country and I was suddenly made redundant I would be bitter, heck, if I was a banker who was made redundant, I would be bitter. Redundancy generally cause bitterness.

Naturally one occupation contains more dangerous employees than the other if you catch my drift.

Fiction is not clogged full of stories featuring vengeful bankers, nor are our prisons. Despite their negative stereotypes bankers are not known for violence. Unless you’re this guy —>
But that’s a different story for a different day.

What we have here is a soldier abandoned by his state, left homeless, penniless, only his violent rage keeps him warm at night. It sounds like almost every action film ever made.

Ever seen Rambo first blood? Imagine the British equivalent.

BIG JAMBO’S, first blood

The tale of a redundant Scottish soldier battling injustice in his own hometown.

Am no wanting nae trouble officer, Ahm jist takin ma dug a walk


What is an out-of-work soldier supposed to do for a living? I doubt many are content to queue for giro’s or flip burgers. These people have faced off dreadful threats whilst we gawp at tame Hollywood replications of war through a television screen. Afghanistan and Iraq… to us they are just far-away conflicts, to them memories and home for an lengthy period of time.

Time for me to now be absurd, stick with me.

What if the soldiers join super-criminal gangs and seize the country in a coup d’état like that episode of 24? Then use their talents to strike back at those whom betrayed them? After getting sacked it will be clear who the enemy is.

Those in charge.

Maybe the monarchy?

Armed forces died fighting Nazis, many failed to see the humour in Harry's costume


Or perhaps a disillusioned soldier will spark a war with an alien race just to ensure he stays in employment. War keeps the soldiers in work. (This scenario is loosely based on the dreadful plot to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2).

Dark times are ahead people. Dark times indeed. Stock up on tinned foods, keep your fallout shelters war and get armed.

The Kleptonians are coming. And they are pissed-off.

Or not.

What is more likely however is that a further 22,000 people are to be unemployed in a few years , things will indeed be dire.

With around 2 and a half million people already unemployed and very little economic growth lately, one way or another there will be more trouble here in Britain, be that riots, civil disobedience or rising crime rates. There’s going be trouble.

Much trouble.

Much, much trouble.

Much, much, much trouble.

There is a silver lining however, we may not have enough man-power to unlawfully invade another nation (again).

With the Tories privatising the NHS, and the educations system, it doesn’t take a large push of the imagination to see them doing the same to the army to. Or is that too Holywood:

“Those mercs are outta control”.

Anyway with cuts being made to the police force too, who will be around to protect Liam Fox when the soldiers come chapping at his door for revenge?


Took a 2 week break from writing my blog there, between getting some rather dreadful news and completing Deus Ex Human Revolution several times, I have just not had the time or motivation. Articles will be posted more regularly in future no matter how I feel, so in a way I guess I am saying. NO MORE QUALITY CONTROL.