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Scotland vs Spain: Qualification battle

October 11, 2011


Scotland face Spain tonight, with a place in Euro 2012, the reward for victory, if certain conditions are applied. Spain, the world and European champions have already won Group I, their place in the Poland and Ukraine finals secured. In Alicante tonight, Scotland will try to win the runners-up spot, which would see them claim […]

The end is Nii for Nintendo Wii

October 9, 2011


“Wii will break down the walls that separate video game players from everyone else.”  Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo. Nintendo Wii, innovator of family-orientated gaming  will be remembered for attracting a whole new audience to gaming. The small inexpensive, console, with the easy-to-use motion sensor, heralded the glorious return of the Mario franchise and secured […]

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell to “Come Together” in matrimony.

October 9, 2011


Paul McCartney otherwise known as Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE… is to be married for the third time today. New Yorker, Nancy Shevell, 51, who is an heiress to a trucking fortune is the lucky woman. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was a high-profile guest at the London ceremony. This got me thinking about how much I love the […]

Royalties battle puts Simpson’s future in doubt

October 9, 2011


AFTER settling a contractual dispute with voice artists, Fox’s most profitable ever show is set to return to the screens for a further two series, with the cast taking a 30% pay cut in return for a share of merchandising and syndication profits. Earlier this month Fox claimed that it couldn’t sustain the show with the […]

Dead Island: Review

October 8, 2011


If everyone loves a terrible, zombie flick. Why did I hate Dead Island, as it was both? … Dead Island, is a first-person, zombie survival RPG developed by Techland, the studio behind the Call of Juarez trilogy. It gained notoriety for its supposedly emotionally charger trailer… Watch here. . . Before I begin, Dead Island is nothing […]

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

October 6, 2011


Operation “Faux-pas Review” has commenced, control, “roger”. *Bzzt*. I am travelling parallel to the target, weaving through streets, with my standard issue peep-hole newspaper obscuring my face from Russian sleeper agents. If they catch me my cover is blown. I am tailing the tailor. That’s why we call me the tail. I am the tailor’s tail. If […]