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Online piracy: I know you stole Michael Buble’s album for your Mum

March 31, 2012


Pirate is a term chucked around freely these days. It is a term that gives Johnny Depp the funds to escape yet another kinky Tim Burton film where he is forced to do the degrading sexual things that sustain his pimp-like director. It is a term that causes malformed-alcoholics yearn for murder on the seven-seas. Mostly […]

Iran: War on the horizon. A nation in the crosshairs?

March 22, 2012


By John McCarthy (obviously…) IRAN gets a hard time from western powers. Despite unbecoming behavior towards non-Muslims, women, homosexuals and more Iran aren’t the worst out there, and the UK and USA are treating them unfairly. This probably is not a popular viewpoint but it annoys me how Iran are the villains of this century, well them, and politicians, and journalists, […]

Glasgow pulls the plug on “Chuggers”

March 13, 2012


GLASGOW City Council will more closely regulate Glasgow street fundraisers next month by decreasing the days and locations the collectors can operate to prevent aggressive fundraising. The new voluntary agreement aims to improve the image of the city’s charity collectors and the experience for shoppers as street fundraisers, a great source of annoyance to commuters, […]