Walking Dead resurrected for a third series

Posted on October 15, 2012


The Walking Dead returned for a third season last week, a chilling episode in which the survivors moved from the burning farmstead to an ‘abandoned’ prison.

Before hitting the big screen Walking Dead was a critically acclaimed comic book series of over 100 issues. This provided a rich tapestry of stories to choose from to be adapted for TV. It is a safe bet adapting a comic book for several reasons. It already has a fan base, all the story arcs are developed, the characters need only be cast.

Walking Dead has no excuses being mediocre with the amazing source material.

AMC made use of the comic’s striking imagery like the horseback scenes set in Atlanta. It was one of the most atmospheric portrayals of urban apocalypse since, ever, and in true horror style, was way too quite.

The superb Andrew Lincoln’s ‘Rick’, a cop who wakes up from his gunshot induced coma to find the world ransacked by zombies, his family missing and his wife banging his best friend, in true Hollywood style teams up with survivors and finds them, very quickly.

Heart-warming? The wife is a whore! Not so heart warming now fucker!

So from there, Rick and co, have to travel into the zombie infested city for food and supplies.

As things progress the program deviates from the comics… for the worse.

New one-dimensional characters were introduced like T-Dog, the black guy with, ahem, the black guy name and, ahem, less screen time than the cameraman.

Memorable moments: Gets beaten up, takes some antibiotics, and survives the ‘black guy dies first’ formula.

T Dog AKA Tony McDog. Occupation: Black. Status: Alive for some reason.

T Dog’s first and last involvement with the plot was early on when racist, hillbilly, hunter, drug-user, biker, stereotype Merle Dixon realised he prefers zombies to black people. Oooh, clumsy post-apocalyptic racism, controversial?

Nope. Just seriously stupid.

I ain’t the best socialiser!

Rick eventually saves T Dog (I feel dirty just writing that name) and handcuffs nazi-guy to a building, incidentally feeding the zombies their favourite breakfast snack: KKKrunchy Nut (geddit?).

Only, he doesn’t. Nazi-guy chops his hand off and escapes. He will return… probably to kick T Dogs ass. Explains T Dogs presence in season three.

Some people died. Often like this.

Not the extra? NOOOOO

As season one continued, it showed it was capable of being frightening, interesting, thought-provoking and even a passable as a drama.

One of the few things AMC done to improve upon the comic was introducing Daryl Dixon, nazi-guys prejudiced brother, into the fray. Almost at home in the wasteland, the crossbow wielding Daryl develops as a person and develops empathy as Rick loses his from having to make life-altering decisions. Such contrasts were absent from the comics.

Daryl: Crossbow hunter

Season two found itself trapped on a elderly, Christian vet’s farmstead. And for several episodes almost nothing happened. Whatever their reasons, the writers lacked the confidence or ability to move the show on. It was like the Brady Bunch with less pasty corpses on the set.

If it wasn’t for Shane’s  bad-assery (Rick’s wife-fucking friend), Daryl’s corrupting visions of his missing brother, and again, Shane’s bad assery, the series would have completely sucked.

The farm was a safe haven, which obviously means that the cast had to be safe for a time, to give that impression.


You could tell the producers tried to move away from expensive scenes like these.

To soap-esque arguments over breakfast about Branston Pickle (it’s disgusting) like these.

Pass me the KKKrunchy Nut!

The word zombie is not uttered at any point in the series as if the show is set in an alternate reality where zombies are not pop culture figures that every teenage boy with glasses could avoid and kill with ease.

The farm isn’t safe. Woohoo. Burn. Bring back the murder and fear.

Turned out the dragon could hit the side of a barn after all

Fear not, if episode one of season three is anything to go by, AMC have the show back on track to compete with the likes of Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones like it should be.

Just look at that prison. Phwoar.

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