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Cinema needs an enema!

February 22, 2012


Absolute garbage: coming to a cinema outlet near you Why does cinema need an enema? Well the first reason is that there are so many poor films we have very little choice in what we see, the producers need to clean up their acts, the second is that enema nearly rhymes with cinema. Have you noticed the […]

The end is Nii for Nintendo Wii

October 9, 2011


“Wii will break down the walls that separate video game players from everyone else.”  Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo. Nintendo Wii, innovator of family-orientated gaming  will be remembered for attracting a whole new audience to gaming. The small inexpensive, console, with the easy-to-use motion sensor, heralded the glorious return of the Mario franchise and secured […]

Dead Island: Review

October 8, 2011


If everyone loves a terrible, zombie flick. Why did I hate Dead Island, as it was both? … Dead Island, is a first-person, zombie survival RPG developed by Techland, the studio behind the Call of Juarez trilogy. It gained notoriety for its supposedly emotionally charger trailer… Watch here. . . Before I begin, Dead Island is nothing […]

Get Gears of War 3 now

October 5, 2011


Gears of War 3 review Before the review commences, I present you a question: What is the only thing that can improve an automatic rifle?… *tick tock, tick tock* Time’s up. Answer: A chainsaw. Gears of War 3 has gun-mounted chainsaws which you can “use” to exterminate hordes of enemies, what else does a guy […]