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In a Perfect World…

September 28, 2011


This morning on my commute to college, soaked to the skin, unnaturally cold, enraged, short of breath, short of height… and sweating, a lot: as usual, I wondered, why isn’t life easier? So in response, during a class, under the guise of doing actual work I compiled a list of things I would improve immediately… had […]

My Trip to Alton Towers

September 3, 2011


Five o’clock in the morning, street lamps light the way, noises are out-of-place, unwelcome and it is cold, bloody cold. 14 of us are gathered in a small sitting room, waiting for zero-hour (when our minibus would disembark). Ahead of us was a six-hour drive towards and eventually through, central England. On the bus was an erratic mix […]

David Starkey’s Outrageous Malarkey…

August 16, 2011


David Starkey is a critically acclaimed historian, celebrated scholar and TV presenter however he is more famously known as an unhinged lunatic. Starkey is infamous for saying inappropriate, even idiotic things whilst being broadcast live to millions of people… yet I can’t bring myself to hate him. Over the years the man has “let slip” more than […]

Go Compare: Put Yer Mascot in a Casket

August 15, 2011


“Go Compare” His name is Gio Compario, his insidious song-like yelps quite rightly make him the world’s most detestable man. He is the face of insurance middle-man company… Go Compare. First of all, let me say this, if Gio is the face of the company, I fear the company’s ass. Probability dictates that it would […]

James Bond and Britain’s Changing Society

August 6, 2011


“Bond, James Bond”:  First said by James Bond… With the 23rd James Bond movie going into production later this year I have decided to take a retrospective look at how 007 has developed throughout the last half-century. Many men have played Bond and each reincarnation brought about its own unique changes, each reshuffle of the cast […]

Everything Can Be Explained: A Tour of Argyle Street and the Supernatural

July 28, 2011


It’s raining. Heavily. My jeans are soaked through, as is the world. Only the most desperate souls drift the streets in this type of rainy onslaught. Even on Glasgow’s busiest street. I continued along the pavement, it’s eerie. I can hear the wind whistling and blowing at seemingly random intervals. A siren shrieks several blocks away and ceases […]

(Rotten) Apple Store

July 22, 2011


Terror attacks in Oslo, drought in Ethiopia and civil war in Libya. Too many hardships befall too many people. Let’s blame capitalism.  Life is like a box of chocolates… bought and sold on a whim and “eaten” for amusement. But it gets worse, as more and more tragedies befall our fellow comrades, we become more apathetic, […]