What’s happening in Ukraine – is the Cold War heating up?

March 5, 2014


Events in the Ukraine are being described by UK foreign secretary William Hague as the “biggest crisis in Europe in the 21st century”. Here’s what happened The pro-Russian Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia (after his family were allegedly shot at by militants) as Ukraine’s month of protests against a Russian financial bail out […]

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A Yes vote for Scottish Independence won’t ensure an escape from the Conservative party

February 26, 2014


The question keeps arising – are you voting yes or no? As a journalist and a chap who remains informed on politics to make up for the five years I lost to Call of Duty in my teens, I have yet to make up my mind. I have been listening intently to both campaigns since their […]

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5 unconventional ways to reduce the UK budget deficit

October 23, 2013


We’re in debt. We. The UK. I shop in Lidl and Farmfoods. This just won’t do! Excluding temporary loans to banks the UK is currently sitting on a budget deficit of £13.2bn and borrowing is expected to sit around £80bn (5.1% of GDP) – excluding the sale of the Royal Mail. I figured I should […]

Hiding the porn, hiding the real issues: The porn filter isn’t what it seems to be

July 31, 2013


I felt a cataclysmic disturbance in the force this week, something was wrong. Very wrong. It made me dizzy and irritable and more importantly, confused. “What?” I said, could have caused this. Little did I know, the coalition were going to make it slightly more difficult to see lewd representations of femininity on both the […]

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Daily Mail pay over £125K to Sally Morgan as an apology for calling her a ‘charlatan’…

June 20, 2013


The Daily Mail today had to pay Sally Morgan £125k damages plus legal costs to avoid a lengthy libel battle because of a 2011 story alleging that she used a hidden earpiece to receive instructions from a backstage team. Some people are fail to understand the verdict, understandably. If the Mail said that Sally Morgan […]

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